About The Band


Hanzi and Stefan got together with Bob Kinsella late in 2004 to try

and bring a band together that played original instruments without

any modern Electronic Technology. This was fairly successful but no

one asked us to play a second time cause we were too loud. We needed

a way of financing our Studio so Stefan and Hanzi started to play

completely acoustically, one Guitar, a Cajon, Snare drum and a few

ancillary instruments like Harp, Kazoo, Banjo, and a couple of voices.

This found its popularity and the band travelled throughout Germany in

2005, 2006 and 2007, playing unplugged. The style comes the name

Hand Made Music, and is the current anti Dieter Bohlen cult travelling

under around Germany like wild fire.

Contact us:- mbastards(a)mbastards.de